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U.S.S. Forrestal - 1955
Big Picture
Texas,Brooklyn and Heaven
Audie Murphy Radio
6 Black Horses Comic

Big Picture: Broken Bridge


Medal of Honor winner Audie Murphy stars in this THE BIG PICTURE release.


His two young sons' prying questions about space-age missiles prompt Murphy to make a tour of modern Army installations and revisit some of the places he saw in Europe during World War II. First stop is Germany and Hitler's stadium in Nuremberg.


Moving on to Wurzburg, Murphy stops at the Third Division area and inspects the platoon he commanded as a First Lieutenant 15 years before.


In Germany, the most decorated soldier of World War II gets a look at the Corporal missile and the Redstone missile. A side trip to Norway gives him an orientation view of the Nike Ajax and Hercules ground-to-air missiles.


Returning to the United States, Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau gives the movie star a grand tour of White Sands Missile Range to watch the LaCrosse, the Little John, and the Hawk in action. A highlight of the White Sands visit is the successful firing of the mighty Sergeant missile.


At his residence again, Murphy explains to his children about how the free world is being protected by the Army's arsenal of missiles.


Big Picture: The Third Division in Korea


This is the story of the Korean conflict as filmed on the frontline by U.S. Army Signal Corps cameramen.


Audie Murphy has been invited to help tell the story of his old division, and appears in the program with host-narrator Sgt. Stuart Queen.