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40 Guns to Apache Pass
A Time for Dying
The Texican
Trunk to Cairo
Arizona Raiders
Apache Rifles
Bullet for a Badman
The Quick Gun
Gunfight @ Comanche Creek
6 Black Horses
Battle at Bloody Beach
Posse from Hell
Seven Ways from Sundown
The Unforgiven
Hell Bent for Leather
Cast a Long Shadow
No Name on the Bullet
The Gun Runners
Ride a Crooked Trail
The Quiet American
Night Passage
The Guns of Ft. Petticoat
Walk the Proud Land
World in my Corner
To Hell and Back
Drums across the River
Ride Clear of Diablo
Column South
The Duel at Silver Creek
The Cimarron Kid
The Red Badge of Courage
Kansas Raiders
The Kid from Texas
Bad Boy
Beyond Glory
Texas,Brooklyn and Heaven

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"Seven Ways from Sundown" Jones, whose father numbered the kids and the mother embellished the numbers, joins the Texas Rangers, and his first assignment is to accompany ranger-veteran Hennessey on a mission to capture Jim Flood, a notorious outlaw who eluded the law for years. Capturing him, in New Mexico, is not near the job that getting him back to a Texas jail turns out to be.

Director: Harry Keller

Writers: Clair Huffaker (novel), Clair Huffaker (screenplay)

Stars: Audie Murphy, Barry Sullivan and Venetia Stevenson